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carbon filter replacementCarbon Filter Replacement    Item #8601
OEM Product Bulletin
Since 1995, we’ve been the Original Manufacturer (OEM) of carbon filter bags used in home and office water distillation appliances.  We’ve supplied these carbon bags throughout the world and sometimes they are referred to as carbon “sachets.” 
The carbon tea bag fits into the lid of the carafe next to the boiling pot of the water distillation appliance sold under several brand names such as Waterwise®, Sears® Kenmore®, Ecowater® (See Disclaimer Page) under part numbers ranging from Item# 8601, WWI 8500, WWI 8800, EWS-US 500, EWS-US 800, EWS-US 500/120, EWS-US 800/120, EWS-EU 500/230, EWS-EU 800/230, EWS-T500/120, EWS-T800/120, 34484 and 75282.

Don’t switch from our filter to a carbon block, that’s all the advice you need, if you are doubtful, please read on…