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Over the past decade and a half, we’ve manufactured hundreds of thousands of filters without a single complaint.  We use a proprietary filter paper that wicks and distributes Passive* distillate (steam distilled water) through water washed activated coconut based carbon.

Some water distiller companies are switching to carbon blocks instead of our unique product…here’s the story about carbon block products:

Carbon Block Filters Are Great If:

They are used in Passive* applications where the water to be filtered cannot flow anywhere but through the block; you may be familiar with pitcher type products or the larger countertop stainless steel containers having carbon cartridges or ceramic “candles” inside the upper half of the stainless steel unit—most work quite well when you do not have access to a water distiller.  Doulton and British “Berkey” Berkefeld are two manufacturers.    Because of the eight pounds or so of water dripping through the carbon block, and because of the vessel’s holding and containment feature, the gallon or so of water has no where else to go but with gravity and gently press through the carbon block structure, passively.

The little carafe tray that holds our filter is not a substitution for a gallon container.

Also, carbon block filters are used in those units that are mounted on faucets or stand alone under the sink where water pressure actively pushes the water through the carbon block.  The pressurized water follows the path of least resistance and water molecules experience contact with the carbon block in a fraction of a second; dissolved minerals pass right through…and what else?  We personally do not recommend these units.

Carbon block filters in the lid pocket of a carafe’s cover of a home distillation appliance?  Will the fresh distilled water either roll off the block and/or drip through a point of least resistance?  Is this an alternative to our filter?  What binders are used in that block any way to hold it together?

We use proprietary filter paper and the best water washed activated coconut based activated carbon available exceeding today’s protocol.  The filter achieves overall saturation of the 100% loose filled activated carbon.

We have many years experience in distributing relatively low volumes of Passive* flows of distillate over large areas.

Please contact us for any additional information or your comments, and thank you.